Social Media

We know firsthand that social media never stands still, which is why we consistently update our social media marketing agency’s tactics to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Jive PR+Digital connects the dots between your business objectives, ideal target audiences, and an authentic brand identity to generate measurable results. With years of expertise on our side, our full-service social media management approach enables us to build a strong social media presence and an engaged following for the brands we work with. Our team is made up of experts in strategy development, content creation, community management, and influencer outreach – making it easy for us to develop customized campaigns to fit your unique needs.


We connect with your objectives, audit your social media channels (and competitors), and then build out a strategy that is tied to measurable results.

We manage the content strategy process as well as marketing execution for clients to ensure top-of-mind brand awareness to the intended target market. To stand out from the competition, you must bridge the confidence gap with compelling storytelling. Jive PR+Digital will create and disseminate your brand story while connecting and building trust with your audience.

From creative, full-fledged campaigns to daily posts on various social media platforms, we work with you to develop digital content that tells a story, educates, entertains, and converts.

We will manage your brand’s social media followers, as well as proactively build and maintain relationships with potential new audiences. Your community is taken care of while staying true to your authentic voice.

Set trends – don’t follow them. We’ll help you gain knowledge about your audience, industry, competitors, and content. By analyzing this data, we can look for ways to action it through campaigns, content creation, community management, and ambassador outreach.

Metrics drive business decisions. We act as an extension of your team and compile detailed weekly and monthly reports that have all the data you need to effectively achieve your goals.


“I would highly recommend Jive to any brand or business that is looking to increase its public profile in a positive way.”
– Sherri Price, General Manager, Virgin Radio