We Are A One-Stop Comms Shop

From our senior leadership team with decades of experience to our Gen Z’ers that keep us cool, Jive is a team of creative strategists, publicists, planners, big-picture thinkers, and social media experts that come together to collaborate on behalf of our clients. While we have offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver, our team lives all over North America.  


Lindsay Nahmiache

Lara Taylor

Jenny Bloom

Megan Balyk

Kara Gaughan

Jalila Singerff

Maya Sarin

Richard Stafford

Brittany Robertson

Arif Islam

Lindsey Hill

Jacqueline Langen

Ashley Best

Jessica Robichaud

Lauren Arnold

Lauren Bowman

Lynsey Gray

Giselle Dipasupil

Brandi Dunham

Nick Fulton