• Following the successful launch of Meat Mates, a New Zealand-based dog food protein booster in California markets, Jive targeted New York City for the launch of their Complete & Balanced dinner line and Meat Mates Meow brand of cat food. The goal was to get as much product as possible into the hands of NY residents and generate buzz around the new products to increase overall sales.


  • Traditional PR: invited media to NYC-based events and pitched stories surrounding the brand launch. 
  • Events: coordinated food trucks and managed an events team on-site for four days in NYC. Also coordinated and executed Happy Hour event in collaboration with WeWork in the city. 
  • Influencer Engagement + Ambassador Activation: engaged daily with various accounts through their Meat Mates Meow Instagram channel. 
  • Paid Digital Ads: built out ad creatives and copy, in addition to managing a series of NYC-based ads that ran in tandem with the events.


  • Hand distributed 2,000 Meat Mates gift bags throughout NYC.
  • Collaborated with WeWork to host a Happy Hour event with over 150 attendees, including influencers and ambassadors.
  • 638,702 Total Impressions from Awareness Ads.
  • 2,289 Total Link Clicks from Traffic Ads.
  • 21,278 Total Impressions from Influencer Posts.
  • 6,799 Total Engagements from Influencer Posts.
  • 300 Total Link Clicks from Influencer Posts.

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