From start-ups and established tech companies focused on funding announcements, to full product roll outs, Jive handles PR and social media for companies across all tech related verticals.

It all starts with a strategy. We will act as your in-house team to manage B2B and B2C placements targeting key decision-makers and demographics with purchasing power. We will work with you to define your products’ unique differentiators and provide you with a clear roadmap that makes you stand out from the competition. This foundation will lead to impactful storytelling campaigns that reach your B2B and B2C goals. Utilizing a mix of forward-thinking tactics that blend traditional PR and social media, we’ll get you connected with the right journalists, industry insiders, and influencers that actually move the needle.

VR + AI + Robotics

Virtual reality, augmented intelligence, and robotics are relevant now more than ever. From a multi-player medical tutorial to an individual movie-going experience, life changing technology is here to stay. Tap into Jive’s deep rooted knowledge in tech and nurtured relationships with press across a variety of niches, as well as top leading outlets including Engadget, Tech Crunch, and Fast Company.

Immersive Exhibitions

Immersive is the future. In addition to creating colorful playgrounds that appeal to people’s imaginations, the latest developments in technology are paving the way for an even deeper experience. Jive has had the pleasure of working on campaigns for some of the world’s leading immersive experiences and exhibitions! 

Product Launches

Whether you are debuting a new app or launching a tech product, Jive will help reach audiences in a new marketplace. We have years of experience producing targeted PR campaigns, both pay to play and organic influencer campaigns, as well as running social media from top to bottom to convert leads through a multi-tiered sales funnel.


In an area that is growing fast, with investors from all over the world taking notice, Jive has its finger on the pulse of agritech. While you focus on developing and maintaining sustainable fields that maximize efficiency, we’ll produce thought-provoking press opportunities to help catapult your business and drive effective strategies, utilizing our core services.

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