We create impactful campaigns for great companies.

What’s the best thing that could happen? Imagine a process where you work backwards from that ideal point and reverse engineer the steps it takes to get there. It’s not rocket science, it just takes visionary thinking, discipline, and methodical execution. That is what we have spent the last decade honing, testing, and perfecting at Jive PR + Digital.

Our team will with you to set a vision and then create a measurable and executable roadmap to get us there. Along the way, we learn from market feedback and make adjustments in real-time. The end result is building a brand that matters, one that creates impact in the lives of the people your product or service is meant for. We do this through a customized storytelling process that leverages a combination of traditional PR, organic social media, and paid digital advertising. 

So, our question to you is, what’s the best thing that could happen?

Public Relations

From product launches and experiential events, to creating consistent buzz for your brand, our team
uses a unique combination of traditional publicity mixed with social PR to deploys a multi-channel approach to getting your message in front of the right audiences. At our core we are storytellers… let us share yours.  

Social Media

Your content needs to break through the noise on social media. It’s a crowded space but gives you the opportunity to disrupt the norm while keeping your audience top of mind when pushing out authentic content that resonates with your followers. Our team will fully guide the process, from content creation to community management, we will manage (and grow!) your channels from top to bottom.

Paid Digital Ads

Campaigns that are optimized correctly are based on machine learning. By tapping into our expertise, our team will help determine signals used to predict which people amongst your target audience will complete a desired action. Data drives results – so we’ll ensure your objectives are met and your KPI’s are crushed.

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