Thought Leadership

PR is about more than establishing an identity for yourself – it’s about establishing you or your brand as a true thought leader in your industry. An experienced public relations consultant can pull apart your industry knowledge and shape those ideas into stories, ultimately leading to opportunities that raise your professional profile.

By sharing your ideas within a niche industry, our team can help you shape the perspective of your business, which becomes just as valuable to a company as the services you offer. 


Thought leadership is done through a multichannel approach. You need a public relations consultant that can span both the online and offline worlds – and that’s what makes Jive PR + Digital unique. You get the full package from us. We can book speaking engagements throughout the year, putting you in front of key decision makers and industry leaders. Then, we boost your online and social media presence, connecting you with the social influencers who create the trends.

Focused industry outreach

When you’re positioned as a thought leader, you have a superior level of influence over your industry. Your words, as much as your products, can shape your business environment. To achieve this, we can:

  • Proactively create new professional relationships on your behalf
  • Arrange industry meetings and speaking engagements
  • Submit your work for awards
  • Create opportunities for prestigious guest op-eds

We’ll establish you as a true expert of your craft, a go-to source whose opinions must be listened to. As your credibility rises, so will your brand.

Social media marketing for executives

Your online interactions and posts can cement your status as a “must follow” person of interest. Our team of public relations consultants can help you establish a strong, reliable, authentic social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, or anywhere else you want to make a name for yourself. Interaction is part of the puzzle, and we have that covered too. We’ll engage in live discussions with your followers, answering questions and building additional engagement.


It’s true – people want to do business with other people and companies they trust. And the best way to prove your credibility is by showcasing your expertise on LinkedIn. 

It’s all about who you know. Let Jive broaden your horizons by setting up meetings with key thought leaders in your industry. Who knows, it just might blossom into something more!

From major industry events such as SXSW to targeted, one-day conferences, we work with our clients to book premiere speaking opportunities that establish them as leaders in their chosen field.

Establish credibility for your company through strategic partnerships. Whether it’s a sought after media sponsorship for your event or the perfect potential joint venture, allow Jive to assist with the introduction.

Become a go-to commentator and advise the media on the latest trends. Once Jive establishes you as an expert commentator, the media will actively seek you out for quotes and insight into the latest trending topics.

You’ve got opinions worth reading. From advising on branded content to op-eds and blog posts, Jive works closely with your team to place your pieces in major media outlets.

Become The Expert

Be the person others go to in your industry for advice.